4OURTY'S FOUNDING principals

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Help black owned businesses to create and maintain a standard of service

Facilitate generational wealth through ownership

Crowdfund & raise capital for business start-ups

Identify & create businesses that communities lack but need

Support scholars by directing to professions needed in community

Create pathways from street life to entrepreneurship

Pool wisdom from established businesses to create roadmap for business generation

Encourage & facilitate community economics



 Birthed from the adage “forty acres and a mule” 4ourty is a name that captures both past and present. We do know how to spell the number 40. However, our 4ourty was created…For Our Unity. The unfulfilled promise of our forty acres may leave a feeling of anger for some but, for us it is a reminder of a larger promise. Today we understand that no one will give us our forty acres or our mule but, here at 4ourty we believe that we can give it to ourselves.

Through unity, economic empowerment, and support of one another we will make Ownership the New Black!