I am Bria Hash and the founder of 4ourty. When I am not helping powerful business owners to champion their message through on point visuals, content, products, and services…

You can can find me guiding leaders in achieving personal & professional wealth through the mastery of systems, habits, and resources.


Yea- I’m not to be played with. I’m precise with it.


Here is your WARNING! If you are waiting on me to identify myself as a virtual assistant, online business manager, magical unicorn you are going to miss your blessing.




I go beyond simple task allocation and production. I act as motivation, direction, mental and spiritual guidance for my clients.

Not only do I help my clients to show up but I help them to boss up by creating pathways to monetize their vision and ideation for their businesses with courses and community.

If you’ve gotten this far I know that you are tired of the one size fits all & the cliches. You do not just own a business but, you have a calling. You know that it is your responsibility to connect with someone that can not just handle what you throw but operates in excellence to bring your vision to life.


I am her & if you think I am amazing. Wait until you meet my team...


The world of ownership and entrepreneurship is different for each person but is a specifically unique experience for a business owner of color. Our cultural, familial, and generational experiences shape our businesses in so many ways--which should never be ignored. My personal interest in helping to assist business owners grow by putting their best foot forward with uncompromising visuals, exceptional experience , and airtight branding is what birthed 4ourty and helps us to thrive today.

 The work here at 4ourty is a constant reminder of each business’ civic and social responsibility to give back to their communities as they grow. We want to create a positive and unbreakable cycle of unity, empowerment, and support. To learn more about 4ourty’s Mission and Founding Principals Click Here!

 It’s understood that every business does not begin at the same starting point and we are here to provide you the tools to match with your ambition and hard work.